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You are looking for a private rowing boat?

You are looking for an alternative to the fitness center?

You need a boat for your house at the shore?

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Boat Advisor

B/C-Single classic      => Double

The boat for the sporty leisure rower.

For sporty rowers who prefer classic boat shapes. The hull is made of Glasfibre plastic, the whole interior build and the washer boord is made of wood. This gives the boat a traditional look and combines the advantages of modern and classic boat building.

The B-boat is with it length of 7,20m surely the fastest classical gig on the market.
The C-boat is stable, but sportive single even for beginners.

B-boat: Length: 7,20m width 0,55 m   C-boat: Length 6,50m width 0,60m





32 kg

5.100 €


28 kg

5.700 €


26 kg

6.300 €


24 kg

7.500 €

Boat extras


Section   Picture

1.100 €

Aluminium keel spine

250 €

Flaggpole + bracket

65 €

Paddle hook, Aluminium

70 €

Safety + Orientation


Ladle             Picture

6 €

Hand bilge pump      Picture

25 €

Life jacket

129 €

Waterproof bag      Picture

19 €

Rearview mirror (pair)

120 €

Compass mounted    Picture

110 €

Holder for Smartphone 45-85mm width   Picture

150 €

Holder for Tablett 125-220mm height      Picture

150 €

Storage + Transport


2 trestles for boat storage      Picture

300 €

boat trolley small     Picture

150 €

boat trolley   Picture

500 €

classic single rowing boat
Singl rowing boat carbon
traditional single rowing boat

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Delivery within Germany 250 €, Austria, Danmark, Holland, South Sweden 350 €

Mail: Hotline: 03842-60711      AGB      Impressum      All prices include 19% VAT