Marathon+ the innovative bow shape

Rowing boat with a vertical bow for more speed

RS4x+ Marathon rowing boat
Marathon+ C-four with cox

The new development for rougher waters based on the knowledge of fluid dynamics and modern boat building.
The result is an innovative in-house construction that sets new standards in terms of optics, but above all in terms of its range of applications.
Particularly noteworthy is the newly designed stem, which does not rise in a curved manner – as is known from traditional boat building – but protrudes from the water at an angle of almost 90 degrees.
This straight stem brings a very decisive advantage. It lengthens the waterline and thus enables a higher hull speed.
In addition, this increases the buoyancy in the bow, so that the boat comes out of the waves better in extreme water conditions, such as on the Rhine. This is further supported by the bow and stern jump of the shape.

Marathon+ coxed double