RS-Class carbon rowing boats

RS4x+ Sportruderboot Pirsch
C-four with cox "RS-Class"

The new RS-Class is characterized by a high-quality sandwich laminate in the hull. Kevlar in the outer layer gives you an extremely hard-wearing outer skin.

The new core material absorbs a small amount of resin. This achieves very good bonding of the cover laminates over the entire surface, which means that delamination is almost impossible. In addition, the core withstands point loads without damage due to its high hardness.

This eliminates the usual weak points of sandwich laminates with conventional cores (honeycomb, PVC foam) from the outset. 

RS-Class rowing boat interior design
RS Class interior view
RS4x+ C-rowing boat Baumgarten
RS-Class marathon rowing boat

The conclusion is the optical and technical highlight of our new RS-Class, a carbon fiber manufactured in a special process in which the fiber is fanned out. This fabric makes it possible to achieve greater strength than conventional carbon fiber fabrics with a lower basis weight.

With the RS-Class we have dispensed with the well-known wooden washboard strip and replaced it with a folding carbon fiber edge. A technology that is otherwise only used in modern racing boat construction.

All in all, the use of the listed materials in connection with a construction using the vacuum process makes it possible to produce an extremely light and stiff hull that also meets the highest demands on the regatta course.

As a special highlight, the RS-Class is now also available as a Black Series with a visible carbon fuselage.

Of course, the RS-Class is available in every Baumgarten C-boat shape. From single to eight.

RS4x+ Black Series