Sport rowing boats for every rower

Sport rowing boats are differentiated according to whether they have an outer keel (GIG) or a centreboard (racing boat)

For most, however, the difference in the width of the boats is more obvious.
Racing boats are about 36 cm wide, gigs between 47 cm and 115 cm.
If you want to row at maximum speed, you need a racing boat. However, he should be able to do that. Racing boats are unstable without a rower, gigs are stable in the water. To be honest, you can capsize with a gig, but it’s a lot harder.
So if you’ve always wanted to try rowing, you belong in a gig and not in a speedboat.

On the other hand, if you rowed a racing boat in your youth, you can continue to do so in old age. Rowing is like riding a bike, you never forget it.
However, there are also extremely sporty versions of the gig boats. Anyone who no longer trusts their sense of balance should take a look at the sporty variants of a gig.
Most gig boats can easily be transported on the car roof and stowed in the garage. (Nach StVO sind 1,5m hinterer Überstand auf dem Auto erlaubt.)
You don’t necessarily have to join a rowing club to row.