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Rowing boats from Single to Eight

Which rowing boat do I need?

Baumgarten Bootsbau has been producing rowing boats since 1988. At the end of 1995 the entire production was moved from Bad Honnef to Warin in Mecklenburg. The modern production facilities built here have made the strong expansion of the company possible.

The company Baumgarten-Bootsbau - as one of the largest producers of plastic gig boats - offers every conceivable boat size from gig one to eight. In addition, we offer training one and two.

Even " exotic" boat types like fives and sixes are no problem. From the C-boat in 78cm width up to the D-quad with 105 cm everything is there.   see Bootstypen

In addition to the still necessary manual work, we rely on our modern machinery with CNC machines.

Where is Warin?


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