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Rowing boats from Single to Eight

Which rowing boat do I need?

We produce gig and training boats. Therefore we don't celebrate Olympic participations. But in our boats there are more Olympic champions rowing than you think. All those who switch back to gigboats after their time as active training people can't avoid the Baumgarten Bootsbau boats. For master teams there is hardly an alternative to our C-Racinggigs.

Also at “Jugend trainiert für Olympia” most of the successful school rowing teams use Baumgarten C-Boats.

Baumgarten touring boats are without alternative in most boat classes. In almost all boat sizes 3 or 4 alternative boat shapes are offered.
The right boat for every need.
Some of the most spectacular rowing tours in recent years have only been possible thanks to Baumgarten boats, so a crossing of the
Baltic sea from Bornholm to Rügen, or a Rowing trip to the North cape in Norway.
Even those who do not have this in mind will benefit from the experience and
safety reserves that our boats offer.


An overview of the boat classes can be found here  or in German

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