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Gig Boats for Rowing Clubs -Boat Material-

Which rowing boat do you need for which purpose?

The first thing to ask yourself is what the boat will be used for.
Beginner training, general rowing, touring rowing, long-distance regattas are possible uses.
If the answer is “for everything”, then you have to realize that you have to make compromises. No rowing boat is optimal for all purposes.

The first criterion is usually the boat weight.
However, it should also be noted here that extreme lightweight construction is at the expense of durability.
It doesn’t have to be the super-light boat, especially for beginner training.

Fiberglass rowing boats GRP hull
GFRP rowing boat, wooden interior
Carbon Kevlar hull rowing boats
Carbon Kevlar rowing boat, wood interior

The boat hull can be made of GFRP or carbon-kevlar. The only advantage of GFRP is the price.
Carbon-Kevlar is lighter and stronger.

Both variants are built with wooden interior fittings. This is relatively insensitive, even to very rough handling. In addition, it can be easily repaired by a skilled boatman.
This makes such boats well suited for training beginners.
In addition, the wooden structure offers plenty of space for small luggage under and next to the rowing area. Such boats are popular for touring rowing.

The alternative to wood construction is the sandwich deck interior construction. The hull is made of carbon kevlar like the previous boat.
Such a boat is about 10% lighter than a boat with a wooden structure. However, the sandwich decks are a bit more delicate and require more careful handling

A disadvantage is the difficult access to the storage space at the rowing station. Larger bags can hardly be stowed here.
This means that such boats are less suitable for touring but for general rowing or C-boat regattas.

One small disadvantage should not be concealed. Boats with a sandwich deck are louder than boats with a wooden deck. Rolling on the decks gives you a big body of sound.

S4x+ sporty rowing boat gig four with cox
Rowing boat with sandwich deck interior "S-Class"
RS-Class rowing boat interior design
Rowing boat with carbon sandwich hull "RS-Class"

The lightest rowing boat variant has a carbon sandwich hull (RS class). This hull is a bit more sensitive than the full laminate hulls of the other variants, but these rowing boats are about 10% lighter than the “S-Class” model. In addition, such a hull is much stiffer than the carbon-kevlar hulls.
In contrast to racing boats, however, there is no honeycomb or foam built into the hull, so you don’t have to treat the hulls like a “raw egg”.

This makes the main purpose for such boats clear. Regattas and very sporty rowing.