Inrigger rowing boats

With which rowing boats on the sea?

The Vikings had rowed across the sea for centuries. Inriggers are the modern advancement of these boats.
Unlike FISA Coastal boats, Inriggers are also well suited to cold waters, as Inriggers are designed to prevent waves from hitting the boat.

Inrigger Ruderboot in the surf
Inrigger rowing boat IR2+
Inrigger 4+ rowing boat in Sweden
Inrigger Four with cox

FISA-Coastal boats, on the other hand, have the philosophy that the waves hit the boat via the bow and run out again from the open stern.

The catch is that the rowers sit in between and they get bathed in every wave.

Maybe a nice thing in the Mediterranean at 25 degrees water and 35 degrees air, but not so great for the North Sea or Baltic Sea……

Inriggers, on the other hand, have an extremely wide bow with a lot of buoyancy, a closed bow and stern section with breakwaters that prevent the waves from crashing in.Vikings have been rowing across the sea for centuries.

The result is boats that are still easy to row and relatively dry, even in extreme waves.

Inrigger Rowing boat in front of a ferry
Inrigger Double with cox
Inrigger 4+ rowing boat in Helsingor
Inrigger rowing boat IR4+

Another weak point of a conventional rowing boat are the outriggers. The waves get caught on it and water is sprayed into the boat.
In order to prevent this, the oarlocks are mounted directly on the ship’s side in classic inriggers.
The rowers sit offset on port and starboard and have their oarlocks on the far side.
It follows that conventional inriggers are oar boats.

Tests with FISA Coastal boats versus Baumgarten inriggers showed the advantage of the inriggers. At 1-2m waves you were soaking wet in the coastal boats, but not in the inrigger.

Coastal boats go through the waves, Inrigger over the waves!

Even with a wave height of 4m (self-test) you could still get through the waves with the inriggers, but you should only do this with very experienced teams. At least they want to try something like this!

Inrigger rowing boat comparison old and new
Inrigger touring rowing boat

In addition to the oar boats, Baumgarten also offers a double three with cox Thanks to its extremely high stub riggerss, this boat gets through the waves almost as well as an inrigger two, but it is almost twice as fast.
If you only need half the time to get over a dangerous spot, a decisive advantage.

Inrigger 3x+ rowing boat at the end of the Telemark Canal
Inrigger double three with coxswain
Inrigger 3x+ rowing boat on the Adriatic Sea
Inrigger rowing boat IR3x+