Rowing boats for rowing clubs

C four with cox

Differences of the 5 boat hulls on the C4x+

Pirsch rowing boat

This boat is flat along its entire length. Its minimalist boat shape makes it extremely fast and light.
It is the traditional boat for school regattas and “Jugend trainiert für Olympia”.

For general rowing, beginner training and regattas on calm water.

If you are rowing on rough water, then you better take the marathon form.

C4x+ Pirsch Rowing four with cox
Pirsch-Rowboat for maximum speed on calm water
S4x+ Gehrmann sport rowing boat
Gehrmann-Rowboat a fast boat for calm water

Gehrmann rowing boat

For general rowing, beginner training and calm water racing.
Very flat boat so very light and also very fast but not so good for rough water.

For rowing on very choppy water, a Marathon- or Karlisch- shape would be better.

Karlisch rowing boat

Slightly higher hull, therefore also suitable for choppy water.

Good as a universal boat for beginner training, normal rowing and regattas. Can also be used for touring rowing without luggage.

In very rough waters, the Marathon hull is the better alternative.

If you intend to make touring rowing with luggage, then you better take an E-Vierer.

C-Four Karlisch C4x+ rowing boat
Karlisch rowing boat good all-round boat even for choppy water
C4x+ Marathon Rowing boat with a vertical bow
Marathon rowing boat for regattas on extremely rough water

Marathon rowing boat

Not only for marathon races, but also asuniversal boat for everyone who wants to row on very rough water.

The waterline is lengthened by its vertical bow. This increases the hull speed.
The bow is built extremely high for maximum waveability.

Anyone who can no longer get through the waves with this boat needs anE-Boot.

Rheinriss rowing boat

For general rowing and racing on very rough water.
The boat is extremely fast and built very high and therefore suitable for waves.

Due to its narrow boat shape, only suitable for experienced crews, not at all for beginner training. 

This boat must not be used in DRV regattas as it did not meet the standard. (11,5m long)

C-Four Rheinriss C4x+ rowing boat
Rheinriss-Rowing boat for very rough water