C-Boats the universal rowing boats

Marathon Karlisch C-four C4x+ Rowing Boats Boat Comparison
C four with cox

C-boats are the most common gig boats in German rowing clubs. They are suitable for beginners training, training and general rowing, for long-distance regattas and for hiking trips with little luggage.

From single to eight, there is every boat size. The intermediate sizes of coxed threes, coxed fives and coxed sixes are also available.

C double eight with cox rowing boat
C-double eight with cox
Boat comparison C-tdouble and B-double rowing boats
C/B-double without cox

Although the dimensions of the boats are prescribed by the German Rowing Association, there are countless different designs.

There are 6 different hull shapes for the four, in coxed two 4 shapes and 3 shapes in the coxless two.

Each adapted for different bodies of water and purposes.

Here is an eccentric in-between size: a five with a cox, optionally rowable as a six without a cox.
With a length of 12.5 m, it can just about be transported on a trailer without a section.

The six with cox (optionally also as a seven without) should be transported with a length of 14.5 m, then even better with a section.

S5x+ five with cox rowing boat
C-five with cox
C2+ two with cox, oar rowing
C-double with cox

What should C-boats not be used for?

With additional bow and stern covers, C-boats can be upgraded for rougher waters.

But for touring rowing with full luggage in the boat and/or for touring trips on large bodies of water, C-boats are strongly discouraged.

E-boats are much better suited for this. These are wider and therefore have more buoyancy and higher safety reserves..

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