Coastal rowing - rowing on the sea

There are two philosophies for rowing at sea:
The boats according to the Fisa (World Rowing Federation) standard are built in such a way that the waves that hit the bow run out of the open stern again. Since the boats are completely closed and consist practically only of buoyancy bodies, they are unsinkable. The disadvantage is that when the waves are high, the rowers are always wet.
With such boats racing rowing is operated on the sea. However, they are also popular with amateur athletes because they are very short and can therefore be easily transported on the car roof.

Baumgarten Coastal Single rowing boat
Coastal racing rowing boat
Baltic Skiff for Coastal rowing
Coastal recreational rowing boat "Baltic Skiff"

With the boats according to the Danish philosophy should be prevented by the high hulls and the wavebreaker that the waves hit the boat. The disadvantage, when the boats are full, the buoyancy suffers. However, such boats can be rowed relatively dry up to a wave height of 2-3m.

Such boats are primarily used for touring rowing, but there are also numerous long-distance regattas in inriggers in Denmark.

Coastal Surf Rower single rowing boat whitehall rowing boat
Coastal Surf Rower rowing boat
Inrigger Ruderboot in the surf
Inrigger touring rowing boat