Sporty rowing boats for private individuals

Which rowing boat do you buy privately?

House by the water? The rowing boat is missing?
Are you looking for an alternative to the ergometer in the gym?

Gig Racer Single Carbon Bow Wing
Gig racer for professionals
Fun Trainer single rowing boat
Fun trainer for athletes
Trimmi rowing for beginners
Trimmi Sport for beginners
Trimmi Classic for amateur athletes and training
B-Einer Renngig B1x-
Classic C-single for traditionalists
E-Einer Ruderboot mit Rollsitz
Classic E-single for touring rowing
Baumgarten Coastal Single rowing boat
Coastal Racer for rowing on coastal waters
Girlie in Surf rower rowing boat
Coastal Surf Rower for relaxed and reasonably dry rowing on coastal waters
Rowing dinghy for family outings and capsize-proof rowing
Traditional Trainer Einer mit verstärktem Heck
Traditional rowing dinghy