RS boat with carbon washboard rowing boat
Boat hull carbon RS-Class

Carbon- Sandwich boat hull, Carbon- Sandwichdeck

Extremely light and stiff hull, but more sensitive than a carbon-kevlar hull. Carbon reinforced frames, carbon washboard, carbon keel, carbon sliding seats, carbon stretcher boards. You can choose the outside color of the hull, the inside color is clear so that you can see the carbon fabric.

Rowing place

Flügelausleger Aluminium Ruderboot
Wing rigger place
280,00 €
Schnellversteller für Flügel-Ausleger im Ruderboot
Wing rigger with quick release system/ place
450,00 €
Additional rigger stay/ place
120,00 €
CII- Original- oarlocks/ place
20,00 €
Skulls für das Rudern
Carbon Touring/ racing sculling oars /pair
450,00 / 550,00 €
Rowing shoes/ pair
120,00 €
Schnellversteller Stemmbrett im Ruderboot
Quick release stretcher board/ place
250,00 €
Tiefeinstieg in einem Ruderboot S-Class
Deep entry/ place
210,00 €


Aluminium- keelspine mounted
250,00 €
Fuss-Steueranlage im Ruderboot
Foot rudder system from 3x- without extr charge
400,00 €
einlaminiertes Bodenbrett im Ruderboot
Laminated ground board /place
120 €
Boat lettering (2x name + 2x club name)
70,00 €
Teilstelle im Achter Ruderboot
Section including bulkhead
1.100,00 €
RS-Class Black Series RS4x+
Black Series: visible carbon fiber hull RS-Class up to 5x +
2.000,00 €
RS-Class Black Series RS4x+
Black Series: visible carbon fiber hull RS-Class 6x+ / 8x+
3.000,00 €
High-gloss interior painting
300,00 €


abnehmbare Bugabdeckung auf einem Ruderboot
Bow deck removable
Bow deck removable floating
Feste Bugabdeckung mit Luke auf einem Ruderboot
Bow deck fixed
600,00 €
abnehmbare Heckabdeckung für ein Ruderboot
Stern deck removable
350,00 €
Stern deck removable, floating
450,00 €
Feste Heckabdeckung mit Luke im Ruderboot
Stern deck fixed
550,00 €
Heck-Abdeckung und Schott im Ruderboot
Bulkhead for bow or stern deck
200,00 €
Bug- Luftkasten Ruderboot
Fixed buoyancy bodies bow + stern
500,00 €
Fixed buoyancy bodies bow + stern , maximum height, maximum length
1000,00 €
aufblasbare Auftriebskörper für Ruderboote
inflatable buoyancy bodies/ place
100,00 €
Luftkasten Ruderboot S-Class
Fixed buoyancy body
Lenzklappen Ruderboot
Bail flaps
200,00 €

Extras at no extra charge

Gondelleiste freistehend Ruderboot
Gondola board freestanding
0,00 €
Gondelleiste verklebt Ruderboot
Gondola board glued to the boat´s side
0,00 €
Boat colour red, green, blue, orange or white
0,00 €
B2x-S-Class Ruderboot
Extra colour washboard
0,00 €
on demand all parts saltwater resistant
0,00 €
Riggers Stainless steel or Aluminium
0,00 €
Stemmbrett Fersenkappen Ruderboot
Stretcher boards heelcups
0,00 €
Stemmbrett BB-Heelflex Ruderboot
Stretcher board Heelflex
0,00 €
Kunststoff- Rasterschraube Ruderboot
Stretcher board plastic grid rail
0,00 €
Messing-7-Loch-Schraube Ruderboot
Stretcher board 7-hole brass rail
0,00 €
Kugellager-Rollsitz Ruderboot
Sliding seats ball bearing
0,00 €
Schlitten- Rollsitz Ruderboot
Sliding seats double action
0,00 €