touring rowing boats

touring rowing boat on Norwegian fjord
E-double with cox

E-boats are the most common boats for true touring rowing these days. They represent a compromise between the narrower, sportier C-boats and the wide D-boats in which touring rowing was often used in the past.

For touring rowing on the sea there is the inrigger as a special case.

If you equip your boats with covers, don’t have any luggage in the boat and usually row on fairly calm waters, then you can too take a C-boat.
However, an e-boat would definitely be better.

E4x+ E-four with cox Nisser Norway
E-four with cox
Inrigger rowing boat in front of Rialto Bridge
Inrigger three with cox
E3x+ E-three with cox on the Mediterranean
E-three with cox

For extreme trips with luggage, here is the D-four with cox

D4x+ rowing boatS-Class touring rowing boat
D-Four with cox S-Class
D-four rowing boat D4x+
D4x+ from Bornholm to Rügen

For sea toruing rowing, inriggers are the best choice

Inrigger 2+
Inrigger two with cox
Inrigger 4+ Danish sea rowing boat
Inrigger four with cox