Baumgarten takes over the boat moulds from BBG

Baumgarten Bootsbau takes over all boat moulds from the insolvent BBG Bootsmanufaktur GmbH.
All BBG gig and training boats are now available from Baumgarten Bootsbau.
Baumgarten now offers the following boat types in the C-Gig area:
– 4 different C-singles
– 3 different C doubles
– 4 different coxed C doubles
– 2 different coxed C- threes
– 6 different coxed C-fours
– 1 coxed C-five
– 2 coxed C-six
– 2 coxed C-eights
In addition, of course, touring rowing boats of all sizes, coastal rowing boats and recreational rowing boats.
It should therefore be possible to find a suitable hull shape for every user and every body of water.

BBG boat shapes during loading
Takeover of the BBG boat forms by Baumgarten Bootsbau

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