Traditional Trainer 2x Double

Traditional Trainer 2x Double

Unskippable sports equipment, boat for family outings.


The boat combines a traditional look with the advantages of a modern plastic boat. The hull is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP), alternatively carbon. The hardwood washboard increases the hull stiffness and gives the boat a more traditional look.

Like a rowing ergometer on the water. The rowing boat for everyone. Stable, easy to use, almost impossible to cant it. Easy to use for all people who only rowed in fishing boats until now. But it is much faster than any fishing boat, because of its sliding seat. Passengers can be taken along in the bow and stern. The boat for the whole family.

For all those who have only rowed fishing boats so far, immediately and without long learning usable. But it is much faster than any fishing boat, because of its sliding seat. Thanks to a specially shaped underwater hull, it is very directionally stable.

Due to the short length, roof transport is possible on nearly any car.

Boat variants

GFRP hull

Removable rowing place

from 4900

VAT included.

Leergewicht: 48 kg*

Carbon-Kevlar hull

Removable rowing place

from 6100

VAT included.

Leergewicht: 45 kg*

All prices including statutory VAT, exclusive delivery, exclusive sculls / straps.
*The values ​​may vary depending on the variant and equipment.


without cox
462 cm
115 cm
Recreational rowing
Lake, River, Pond
Rations, Hand baggage, Luggage

*Depending on the variant and equipment, the values ​​can vary slightly.

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Traditional Trainer 2x Double

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Traditional Trainer 2x Double