Trimmi Ruderboote mit Rollsitz
Fun Trainer/Trimmi

Fun Trainer/Trimmi

Fully enclosed boats for training, low maintenance, robust, easy to care for. From the sporty ambitious leisure rower to the relaxed occasional rower.

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Trimmi Rudern für Anfänger
Trimmi 1x S Singel
5.5m boat, extremely stable training single, practically impossible to capsize.
without cox
Trimmi Freizeit-Ruderboot für Jedermann
Trimmi 1x XL Single
Extremely stable training single, practically impossible to capsize Also for very rough water.
without cox
Fun Trainer Ruderboot Zweier mit Steuermann
Fun Trainer Double with
Training double for rough water
with cox
Fun Trainer single rowing boat
Fun Trainer Single
Training single for rough water
without cox

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