Whitehall rowing dinghy, rowing for everyone

A boat for family outings and for sporty rowing in any weather and any water temperature.

This boat is available for one rower or two rowers, each with and without a cox.

Family Trainer mit Rückspiegeln
Rowing dinghy single
Whitehall Einer mit Steuermann
Rowing yawl with cox
Family Trainer Zweier
Rowing dinghy double
Family Trainer rowing dinghy Whitehall
Rowing yawl double with cox
The hull is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the bottom of the boat is fully walkable. The boat is practically impossible to capsize, rows very directionally and can still take passengers. Storage is possible on two trestles or a slip car.
Family Trainer mit 5 Leuten
Stress test with 5 people
Trolley for a rowing boat
Boat trolley

Alternatively, the rowing dinghy is also available with a wooden washboard. This makes the boat stiffer and gives it a more traditional look.
The traditional rowing dinghy is also optionally available with a carbon hull.

Rowing dinghy Traditional single
Traditional Trainer Zweier auf Anhänger
Rowing yawl Traditional double

As a world first, we are offering our Green Line with a hull made of flax fibers with a cork core material. This reduces the ecological footprint by 75%.

Here the flax boat is presented at the Munich trade fair

However, if you want to row in really heavy waves, you should choose the Surf Rower variant with a large bow cover, wavebreaker and additional buoyancy bodies.

The Surf Rower version of the rowing dinghy is also available as a two-person without a cox and as a two-person with a cox