By definition, gigs are rowboats with an outer keel and outrigger. Wider and heavier than a racing boat, for example.

This means that such boats are more stable in the water and are therefore also better suited for beginners’ training than a racing boat. The risk of falling into the water with it is almost zero. The decisive, constructive point is the continuous outer keel and only secondarily the greater width. Only the outer keel gives the boat lateral stability in the water.
Unfortunately there are some boats on the market that are incorrectly called gigs by their manufacturers, even though they are only equipped with a fin. If the manufacturer gives the better running properties as a reason, it is a cheap excuse. The real reason is constructive. A curve is easier to laminate than the sharp angles of an outside keel. Doing without the outer keel saves working time and less qualified personnel can be used.

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