Trimmi now available from Baumgarten

E-Einer Ruderboot

Although this type of boat has not been produced for over 20 years, the Trimmi is still a popular training boat in the clubs. Adult beginners in particular were happy to start out in a boat that was virtually impossible to capsize.
Hence the improved new edition from Baumgarten Bootsbau.
Compared to the original, the keel is slightly larger so that the directional stability is significantly improved.
The Trimmi is optionally available in the open version (E1x-), with a wooden interior, alternatively with a sandwich deck interior, or as a fully enclosed all-plastic boat. (Trimmi)
Dimensions: 5.6m length, 78cm width, weight from 25kg

E1x Single without cox Sport rowing boat
Sporty rowing boat with sliding seat E1x-
E-Single rowing boat with sliding seat
E-Single rowing boat for recreational rowing

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